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It takes a big team to run a kennel

Each month, the cost of operating the kennel is, at minimum, $600. This cost has been further increased due to the fishing ban for salmon on the Yukon River. In the past, we have relied on this salmon to feed our dogs throughout the winter. Now, the cost of purchasing meat to feed during the colder months can raise our monthly operating cost to $1,000. 

In addition to food, there are regular health costs for the dogs. Our dogs receive annual vaccinations, we spay and neuter our young pups and we always like to have emergency vet funds on hand.

Part of keeping our dogs healthy is keeping their bodies warm and protected. Both in their houses in the dogyard and on long runs, we'll insulate use straw to insulate the dogs from the ground, creating a warm and cozy bed for them. On many of our runs, the dogs wear booties to protect their feet. These booties are $1 per booty and due to constant use, they regularly need to be replaced (mushers go through thousands of booties per year!). 

Finally, there is the cost of gear. As mushers, we are always looking for the highest quality gear to keep us warm and our dogs safe. Throughout the season we may need to repair our sled, replace the gang line, purchase fuel for the cook stoves we use on long runs, etc. 

In mushing, there is never a dull moment-- and these undull moments are often accompanied by a new cost. Raven Clan Kennels could not run without the sponsorships and donations we receive

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