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Meet the Mushers


Jody Potts-Joseph is a proud Han Gwich’in from Eagle Village, Alaska where she currently resides with her family and trains her dog team. Jody was raised on the lands around the Upper Yukon River country her family is Indigenous to. Her parents were trappers and lived a subsistence lifestyle. Jody was raised in the basket of a dog sled and her family's only transportation for a first several years of her life was dog team. She feels right at home in a dog sled and loves being out on the trails traveling the lands she was raised on. Jody raised her children Izzy, Quannah and Denali hunting, fishing, and mushing dogs.  


Jody has spent much of her life's work advocating for Indigenous rights, and environmental and climate justice work, including MMIW, and storytelling.  Today she dedicates her time ensuring Indigenous voices are represented in the media and fashion industries. She is a cast member of National Geographic Channel’s Life Below Zero: First Alaskans and provides consultation to multiple fashion brands on working in partnership with Native Peoples.  


Jody's career focuses on the wellbeing of Native peoples, in both the public and private sector.  She currently serves on the Eagle Tribal Council and on the Board of Directors of Doyon Limited, a regional Alaska Native Corporation for the Athabaskan people of Interior Alaska.  In her professional career, she has served as Vice Chair of the Governor’s Tribal Advisory Council for the State of Alaska, as a board member for the Alaska Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and to co-found Data for Indigenous Justice. Her work in protecting the Indigenous ways of life led her to serve as a board member for the Alaska Wilderness League, and as a member of the Eastern Interior Regional Advisory Council to the Federal Subsistence Board.  Jody holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Indigenous Studies and Environmental Management from Northern Arizona University.  


Jody is an active hunter, fisher, trapper, and dog musher with her husband and sons on the Yukon River.  She also competed in triathlons around the world for 10 years between having dog teams.  She finished 3 half Ironman distance races, one full Ironman and numerous Olympic, sprint triathlons and countless running races. She enjoys fur and skin sewing when not training dogs.

Jody Potts-Joseph mushing a team of eight sled dogs, she is looking back and smiling
Jamey Joseph smiles as he looks down at two dogs playing in the snow


Jamey Joseph is Koyukon and Gwich'in from Stevens Village, on the Middle Yukon River.  He was raised by his grandparents in a very traditional Koyukon upbringing.  Being on the land hunting and fishing has been a way of life for Jamey since he was a little fella.  Jamey is an Iraqi war veteran.  Jamey holds onto the traditional Koyukon values he was raised with, living his life on the land with his family.  Jody and Jamey were married July of 2021.


Jamey is essential to the kennel operations by helping cut trails, breaking trail, sometimes runs dogs, and helps train the puppies, and cooking for dogs. His favorite past time is teasing Jody, hunting, fishing, taking long naps, reading and dreaming up his next adventure on the Yukon River. Jamey raised two sons Jevaughn a wildland firefighter and Jacob a United States Marine.

The Family

Mushing is a family affair at Raven Clan Kennels.

Jody was raised in a dog sled as she rode along with her parents, Mike and Adeline on their trap line in Eagle.

Jody passed down the tradition, teaching her children to mush. When they aren't off traveling the world and beginning their lives, Quannah, Izzy, Denali and Jevaughn mush alongside their (very proud) mom.

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